YIN Yoga with Bonnie! September 20th: 12:30pm-1:45pm

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YIN Yoga with Bonnie Terrell!

September 20th:  12:30pm-1:45pm

Space is Limited to 15 People!

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YIN yoga, a passive, transformative style of yoga in which mainly floor poses are held for several minutes at a time, is a practice of letting go.Yin and yang are complementary forces that work together—not against one other—and exist in all of us. Chinese medicine tells us that to reach total health and wellness, yin and yang must balance and support each another. In daily lives and yoga practices overflowing with faster paced yang elements (strength, stamina, heat, stimulation, activeness), YIN invites us to deeply listen, finding long moments of stillness and surrender while we target the cooler tissues and energies of our body. YIN’s focus on releasing long held tension and cultivating inner silence, space and reconnection can leave the practitioner feeling cleansed and renewed. YIN is a perfect complement to a more dynamic, yang style of yoga.

In this challenging practice, practitioners should be comfortable with floor work for the duration of class.

Early Bird Pricing – $15

Day of Pricing – $20

Space Limit of 15 Maximum

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