My Journey with Kundalini Yoga in Weatherford at Indra’s Grace!

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I started self-studying Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajn in early 2013.  I had a thriving private yoga practice at Indra’s Grace which drew in people with lots of different chronic issues. I worked with many unique physical issues and also lots of issues surrounding chronic anxiety and depression.  Most people were coming in by word of mouth and on the recommendation of friends. In addition, there were several local doctors referring to Indra’s Grace.  I had a pretty large library of practices to offer students including asana, meditation, pranayama, mindfulness, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle ideas.  My background at that time was in the Sivananda Lineage which offered comprehensive tools and practices.   Often, students would show up trying Yoga as a last resort when nothing else was working.  I would often remind them I am not a therapist and I am not a doctor but I can offer  tools I have seen work for others and for myself.  It was an immense blessing to get to work with students in this way. I would do so much research looking for support to help students coming in.


I had a student in particular that I was stuck on. They had chronic pain. They had a long list of health issues.  They had a long list of diagnoses. The chronic condition was affecting their mobility and balance, and their mobility was affecting their ability to detoxify, they had a sluggish liver, which was increasing inflammation in the body which was increasing their pain.  We were working with pranayama to support detoxification, vitamins, asana, and circulation exercises including tapping and bouncing but we were hitting a wall. The “recipe” of practices I had offered had worked in the past for others but we were stuck.  I started doing some research online for liver health and stumbled upon a Yoga liver set. This was the first time I had stumbled onto the incredible library of Yogi Bhajan’s teachings.  The practices blew my mind. There were practices for almost EVERYTHING.  My student and I started working on the liver sets and the stress sets and they started seeing results.  They started feeling better, their skin looking brighter, their energy higher, it was amazing to see this shift especially after seeing them stuck for so long.  Kundalini Yoga was a game changer for me as a teacher. When I found Kundalini Yoga I felt like I had so many more specific practices to offer students  with specific issues. In addition, my own personal practice expanded tremendously between all the meditations, kriyas, and pranayamas.   In 2015, I spent 10 months traveling back and forth to Los Angeles monthly to complete my 200 hour KRI Certified Yoga training. As I self-studied I realized I would feel much more confident sharing these practices by having a qualified training.  I was so grateful to receive this training because it really boosted my confidence in my ability to share these teachings. (FYI If you are looking for a Kundalini Yoga training as taught by Yogi Bhajan you want to look for one that is KRI approved not Yoga Alliance approved because KRI has much more strict standards for who is qualified to teach this program.)  In addition, because the practice is so cathartic there were some specific guidelines to follow to guide students safely. By the time I completed my YTT in Los Angeles I felt very confident to bring these teachings forward.


(My graduating class at the Awareness Center in 2015)

Now fast forward almost 3 years later we are getting ready to launch our first KRI Certified Yoga Teacher Training at Indra’s Grace. Until now you had to travel quite far to receive a KRI certified training.  Austin was the closest place to offer this style training, then Espanola, Arizona, and beyond.  The teachers coming are teachers that were my trainers and over the years we’ve cultivated great relationships that have allowed us to bring this program to the Fort Worth Dallas area in 2018. All teachers are lead teachers and original students of Yogi Bhajan.  They are talented, knowledgeable, practitioners themselves, and inspiring to see!  I hope you might consider joining us if you are looking to deepen your practice as a student and/or a teacher.  For me, I feel like I have so much more to offer in my private practice now between the different traditions I share.  Kundalini has been a wonderful addition to my therapeutic private practice.


Here is a link to the training page.


Gurutej will be here September 22-24th to offer a weekend of personal empowerment.  Details are here.  She will offer a free informational from 5-5:45pm this Friday the 22nd to anyone looking to receive more information about our 2018 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training program.

I highly recommend diving in if you feel called to do so. I would also make time to visit with John or myself or come to a workshop to see if this style is right for you.  I am sharing my personal experience with Kundalini Yoga because I often hear people say “Kundalini Yoga in Weatherford??!!”  For me the practice was a natural progression in my path as a student and teacher.  We are taking 30 for this incredible experience coming to Weatherford.  Spaces are filling. We have 8 spots left and early bird pricing ends October 15th.

If you want to learn something,
read about it. If you want to
understand something, write
about it. If you want to master
something, teach it.”
~Yogi Bhajan

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