Expanding Our Community to Fort Worth!

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Dear Indra’s Grace community,  I have some big news to share with you. I share this news with you with much excitement, deep gratitude, nervousness, Trust, and to also ask for your support.

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Please read Dr. Tiffany Denny’s note about change below. I am deeply honored to have been asked to support stewarding  3 Tree Yoga. I am obviously excited, nervous, grateful, and all those things that come with the unknown but what I do know is I have gained a huge respect for Tiffany Denny throughout this process, admire her strength, support her decision to heal her body, and I have gained a friend in the process. I have also gotten to know some of the community and community of teachers at 3Tree and I have loved every moment of it.

I am excited about the opportunity to bring Indra’s Grace: A Yoga & Meditation Studio Yoga to Fort Worth and I know it’s possible with the incredible loving team of teachers and community we have in addition to the amazing teachers I have been connecting with at 3Tree. When Tiffany Denny first asked me in May I had to sit with this awhile. A long while. I had to find my why. I found it and I would like to share it with you here. I know the heart of all our teacher team just wants to share the love of the teachings and spread the healing possibilities of the practice of Yoga, meditation, and mindfulness.

Do all the good that you can
In all of the ways that you can
By all of the means that you can
To as many beings as you can
For as long as you ever can.

Can you please cover this transition in your prayers of protection? Can you also hold me in your prayers so that I have the strength and clarity to navigate this with integrity and heart? Can you also hold Tiffany in your prayers for complete recovery? Can you also please energetically help us hold this transition so it may be a blessing for all? So that it may be smooth, healing, and done Under Grace in a Perfect Way? I would be so grateful.

May this transition be a blessing to ALL.


Tiffany’s note and details can be found here.

With deep love and respect,

Sandra Vanatko

Owner & Visionary

Indra’s Grace


  1. Lifting you up Sandra and all the fine folks involved with this venture!
    You have made a fine healing community at Indra’s Grace and knowing you, it will be done very well to make a glowing community there also! Take care and love yourself as well as all those you are extending your loving wisdom and care to.

  2. Under Grace and in a Perfect Way, go forth and prosper! I stand with you,my friend 💕