THRIVE Through The Holiday Season Workshop! Friday, November 17th!

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THRIVE: Through The Holiday Season!

with Danae Fentie!

Friday, November 17th 6pm-8pm!


The holidays are a time for celebration, connection and an abundance of decadent foods.  We often hear about surviving through the holidays, but what if we can do more than that and actually THRIVE thought out (and beyond) the holiday season?

Well being is a full-time job, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyable or easy. Join Danae Fentie to experience and learn more about healthy habit hacks and simple tools to THRIVE throughout the holiday season.

Did you know the cold & flu season typically THRIVES after the holiday season?  This is contributed by the lack of sleep, increase of stress and over-consumption of sugar which leads to an impaired immune system, leaving you more susceptible to seasonal illnesses.

During our time together, we will learn easy ways to support your immune system with essential oils as well as healthy travel tips of this of you who are traveling for the holidays.

Danae will also equip you with some of your favorite holiday recipes upgraded to support your clean eating habits (think gluten-fee, dairy-free & delicious!). You will leave with recipes and get an opportunity to taste this evening, too!

You can have it all! The health, happiness and holiday festivities!  Enjoy an evening on food, fun and friendship and leave feeling equipped to THRIVE thought out the holiday season.

$30 Early Bird and $35 Day-of Pricing

danaeABOUT ME:

Danae currently resides in Fort Worth, Texas, not a native but loves the culture and feels at home. Here she enjoys many forms of physical activity, blogging about Conscious Living, teaching various forms of mindfulness, healthy eating and guiding others to create a happy, balanced life.
Danae has always had an appreciation for all things beautiful.  At a young age, she participated in many forms of art like painting, drawing, acting & dress up. Her first job was as a makeup artist and skincare technician, where she excelled because of her natural ability to enhance beauty. She then attended college for Fashion, to become a stylist, to create scenarios of beauty through fabric. Later, she managed a medical aesthetics spa and vocational school, in which she was exposed to the most progressive anti-aging and beauty procedures available.
Realizing that she had primarily been seeking forms of external beauty (and because of her own health problems), she began her journey of learning about internal beauty and the ways of holistic nutrition. Her studies gave her the understanding to create real life experiences of beauty, while merging internal and external factors, like gut health and the use of skincare.
Fast forward to today, and Danae has regained her health and an even greater sense of happiness. This mixture of personal experience and education are the foundations in which her practice was born; creating focus on supporting and cleansing the body, mind and spirit by optimizing detoxification and digestive pathways. She accomplishes this by offering holistic support, she calls Conscious Living, through a variety of modalities ranging from holistic lifestyle coaching to private yoga & meditation guidance..
Her mission is to EDUCATE and EMPOWER her clients in regaining their natural vibrancy and whole person wellbeing.  Through her programs and blogs, she guides clients to create a personal, step-by-step program which helps them reach their goals while making REAL and LASTING lifestyle changes.