Winter Solstice Sacred Breathing Circle: Wednesday, December 20th 7-9pm

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Winter Solstice Celebration

Sacred Breathing Circle:

With Sandra Vanatko and John Stockberger

Wednesday, December 20th 7-9PM

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The Winter Solstice is a very special time, one that marks the journey from this year to the next, the completion of one season and the birth of another, the transition from earth to spirit.  The winter solstice is marked by the longest night of the year and is the start of the next solar year. It is an inspiring time as it’s the time of rebirth of the sun and increasing light. It’s a powerful time to set your own intentions.  Join us Wednesday, December 20th to break from the holiday season and reflect on the year and all you have done. This is powerful work in an intimate setting with the support of community.

Join Sandra and John for a Winter Solstice Sacred Healing Breath Circle where we will use the powerful healing breath and an arch of music to help us rediscover what truths lie within waiting for discovery and what needs to be released as we move into the next solar year.  Some prior experience with pranayama is recommended but not always necessary.  Come open minded leaving expectations behind for an evening of celebration, community, insight, LOVE, and magic through personal self-discovery.

Early Investment $35.  Day of pricing $40 if space permits.  This workshop does sell out so early registration is encouraged.  Please wear comfortable clothing, bring eye shades or a scarf, and your journal.  Those that have restorative mats please bring them.  Register here.