4 Things You Should be Doing After Christmas for Your Health and Well-Being

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4 Things You Should be Doing After Christmas for Your Health and Well-Being

By Sandra Vanatko

So I got a chance to go to California for Christmas this year. It was wonderful and I had so much fun.  It was warm and sunny and perfect weather to be active outdoors.  As soon as I got back to Texas I heard from several friends that they were sick and struggling with upper respiratory infections, the flu, etc.  I immediately started taking more vitamin c especially because everyone on the plane was coughing too.  My favorite brand is Vitality C. Check out this link.  I also like to keep vitamin c on me and take 1000mg every two hours when a lot of people are sick around me, or if I feel like I have something coming on, or when I am traveling.  I learned this from a doctor a few years ago who was popping vitamin c in front of me and told me this trick.  With traveling, added stress of the holidays, poor eating choices, drinking alcohol, and staying up too late we can tax our body making it more fragile and more susceptible to infections.

The second thing I use and recommend is using apple cider vinegar in your water. If you have an increased sweet tooth from all the extra sweets, desserts, and chocolates it can help curb your appetite for it ASAP. The longer you keep eating sugary foods the harder it is to quit it!  Did you know that sugar is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE?  Did you know you can add 2-3 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to your water to help curb your appetite for sweets?  I am certain that illness around the holidays for me in the past was due to making poor food choices for too long that included too many sugary items.  After a few days of eating out, eating sweets and candies my body starts craving these items and I know it’s so important for my health to keep my sugar intake to a minimum.

During flu season I make a ginger turmeric shot daily. Do it! If you have a juicer I highly recommend juicing a little bit of ginger and fresh turmeric.  You can purchase fresh turmeric at Central Market.  Add a little coconut water and shoot it to give your health and vitality a natural boost. I am doing this right now as an added protective measure to stay healthy but I use this concoction anytime I feel anything coming on too.

Okay, one more thing. If your stress level is high try Ashwagandha.  It’s the BEST!  I love Banyan Botanicals brand and have been using it daily for the past five weeks. I started with taking two in the morning and two in the evening to support my kidneys and adrenals due to increased levels of stress around the holidays.  Once I could feel it working in my system and I could feel the difference I started taking one twice daily.  We sell this at Indra’s Grace. It’s so good for you!

I hope you find this information helpful!  I am not a doctor so please know I am only recommending things that based on what has helped me!  Let me know if you try any of these things this winter and how you like it.  I would love feedback to hear if you found these items helpful on your own journey towards health and well-being.  To your health!  May 2018 be an abundant year for you in all ways.

Brightest Blessings,

Sandra Vanatko ERYT 500, C-IAYT

Owner, Certified Yoga Therapist



  1. Live the tips and thanks for sharing. About how much tumeric and ginger? And can you juice a larger quantity and save in refrigerator for later use and still maintain the gf good properties?

    • Hi Julie, Thanks for your comment! You can juice a couple inches of ginger and/or turmeric. You want to use them within 12-24 hours to preserve the beneficial properties of the juice.

      • Thanks Jenny. Happy new year!

  2. Thank you So Much for sharing!!! I really appreciate it!!! I Love preventative health care!!

    Much Love & Good Health