Indra’s Grace 8th Anniversary Contest: Bring a Friend to Win!

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Indra’s Grace 8th Anniversary Contest:  Bring a Friend to Win!
This month Indra’s Grace is 8 years old!
Thank YOU Weatherford for helping us make this very special milestone. We know we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you. Each student who comes. Each student who likes us on Facebook. Each student that recommends us to others. Each student that has walked in through our doors in the past 8 years we are so GRATEFUL TO YOU!
So all month we will have a special contest. This is our small way of saying thank you.  It is also a fun way to help you kick start your 2018 with lots of Yoga, AND introduce Yoga to your friends!
Bring a friend to win!
Bring a friend to class to enter yourselves into a contest to win a Indra’s Grace gift pack that will include:
  • One monthly unlimited pass at Indra’s Grace ($99 value)
  • A one-hour massage from one of our therapists ($85 value)
  • A new yoga mat ($20)

The RULES and FAQ:

  • The person who brings the most new students by the close of business Wednesday, January 31st will win.
  • The friend must not have been to Indra’s Grace before.
  • Workshop referrals will count as two entries and may be used at either location.
  • Put your name in the bowl when you come to class with your friend. This is how you enter.
  •  You MUST be present with your friend at class.
  • Yes, you can bring more than one friend at a time to class.
  • No, you can’t share a friend with another Indra’s Grace Yogi
  • Yes, it works for all our group classes.
  • Friend must be 18 or over.
  • The friend you brought can enter the contest themselves and beat you at your own game. (Indra’s Grace is not liable for feuds that may erupt between friends as a result of this contest 🙂 )

Lets celebrate the new year, our 8th anniversary and share Yoga this month with everyone we know!   Download the mindbody app to make your schedule and invite your friends!  Lets share Yoga with everybody!