New to Yoga

Welcome!  Thank you for checking out our website.  We have been offering Yoga and meditation in Weatherford, Texas since early 2010.  We teach a very therapeutic style of Yoga.  We truly hope you will come and try a class with us.  All classes are ongoing and can be started at anytime.  We have several different class levels throughout the week to help ease you into your new Yoga practice.  The studio is set up more like a school.  Most students attend once or twice weekly working towards establishing a home practice.  Yoga when practiced daily has astonishing and tremendous results.  Each class will be different.  Try to take away five minutes from each class you attend.  By the end of your fourth class you will already have a 20 minute Yoga routine you can do at home!  Our goal in teaching is to help you establish a Yoga practice for life.  Yoga can be done at any age and any level to increase well-being.  You will be surprised at how a twenty minute daily routine of Yoga at home can transform your life.  Our goal is to help you live your best life!  In order to do so you have to practice forms of self-care.  Your body is your vehicle in life!  The teachers at Indra’s Grace love sharing different tools for self-care.

At The Beginning of Every Class:

We start with a short guided meditation with focused attention on our breath.  This allows us to drop in and become aware of what is happening in our interior landscape.  Our goal is to draw your attention inward so you can gain awareness of your internal process which includes areas of tension, stress, pain, mind chatter, and emotions.  Once we move our awareness inward and recognize how we are doing we can take steps to improve and balance as needed.

Yoga For Beginners Helpful Hints:

Try not to eat any food two hours before class.
Bring a yoga mat, water, and a light blanket(if preferred) to class.
Leave your shoes in the cubby holes provided.  Please take purses into studio and turn cell phones off to help create a clean and tranquil environment for class. Drink lots of purified water after class.

What will Yoga and Meditation do for Me?

Strengthens and balances all parts of the body:  nervous system, muscles, joints, lungs, glands, immune system.
Works on the mind to increase your mental clarity, and gives you a deep inner calm and balance.
Increases your ability to handle stress.
Increases the flow of your natural energy and improves your vitality.
Strengthens your connection with your spiritual self.