Four years ago I was introduced to Indra’s Grace, A Yoga and Meditation Studio. At that time my left knee was so swollen and sore I could hardly bend it. I had been through physical therapy and it was still not allowing me to do the things I wanted to do. I started doing one Yoga class a week. Sandra showed me a few knee exercises to do to help open the knee and I did these daily at home. In a couple of months I noticed the difference when we were at the airport and I had to walk quickly to get to the gate on time. I could walk freely, I still remember the wonderful feeling of being pain free and walking freely. I know it was because of the Yoga and the exercises Sandra gave me. I am so thankful that Sandra came to Weatherford and is sharing her knowledge and love of Yoga with us all. She is an inspiration in my life.

Judi Trotter

I started yoga on the advice of my rheumatologist. Little did I know what miraculous changes were in store. I came for my body, but stayed for my mind. The more time I spend on my mat, the more time I have for the important things in life. Since coming to Indra’s Grace I’ve found peace, balance and contentment. Transform your mind, body and spirit! Experience yoga the way it’s meant to be practiced with Sandra Vanatko and her talented team at Indra’s Grace.

Laurie Vanzura

Yoga – something foreign to me, a practice done in other regions of the world and something I would have never pursued until Western medicine failed me. Living in chronic pain for twelve years and having a chiropractor who cares enough to lead me here, is where it began.  Nothing was easing my pain. With all the doctors, tests, surgeries, acupuncture, kinesiology, massages and medications prescribed over the years, I continued living in constant pain. Oh, I’ve been diagnosed with several diseases, but not given a root cause and no “fix”. The chiropractor, who had watched me suffer, gave me a pamphlet for Indra’s Grace and TOLD me to make the call. What a blessing! I scheduled an appointment with Sandra Vanatko, owner and visionary of Indra’s Grace, who sat with me for over an hour discussing what was going on in my life and creating a plan of action to improve my quality of life. She did not stop with me, but asked that my husband come in to meet with her. This was to assure her that I had the support required at home necessary to keep me moving forward. The plan was to stay with it for three months and “not quit her”.
I began in January 2014 attending five classes a week. It is now October 2014 and I am continuing five classes a week with some home practice. I absolutely love it! The benefits are beyond anything I could have imagined and I am thoroughly enjoying this journey which I know has come from God. If not for my illnesses, I would not have taken this path and would have missed out on the blessings of meeting Sandra and learning the practice of Hatha Yoga and Meditation, which are very therapeutic. Sandra allows herself to be used to speak God’s Word with a gentle, kind, joyful and peaceful spirit as she teaches this art. She has created a healing environment surrounded by caring and supportive people who all truly care for the well-being of others. Sandra has devoted her life to teaching what she knows works to create harmony from within and to live an abundant life. I am one reaping the benefits. The mind and inner peace have a lot to do with healing our own bodies. Hatha Yoga and all it entails continues to teach me this. My intention is to be free of pain medications, living pain-free or having the ability to control the pain using the tools I am learning. I have come from never leaving my home, working at my desk in front of a computer, then going straight to the couch to lay on a heating pad or ice packs…to working in the yard, riding my horse, golfing and fishing again. I now have my life back with the ability to do just about anything I want. No longer taking in the negativity of watching television, but spending my time outdoors enjoying nature and taking in the sunshine.  Remember, I am only ten months into this!
In hopes that you may be able to associate and try Hatha Yoga and Meditation at Indra’s Grace, here are a few of the diagnosis I am working to release: Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Hormone imbalances, Depression, Arthritis, IBS, Leaky Gut, Addison’s disease, Hoshimoto’s Thyroiditis, and a host of other autoimmune ailments.
It is my belief that Indra’s Grace, and all the studio has to offer, is leading me to be a vibrant, energetic, happy and healthy bright light one day. I have no doubt that doing the work will lead me to become this woman I envision with a large support group to help me reach this achievement. I now understand the “fix” is within me. Thank you Sandra for bringing Indra’s Grace to Weatherford, TX!

Cheryl L.

I began coming to Indra’s Grace about 2 years ago, when my mom invited me to a couple workshops on Healing through Breath. I came because I was experiencing multiple sinus infections each year as well as a great deal of fatigue. For several months I was only able to attend workshops or occasional classes because, besides living in Dallas, my work schedule prevented me from becoming a regular attender. However, the more events I attended, the more I wanted to take from Sandra on a regular basis–even though I was following an online teacher that I really enjoyed. The wisdom Sandra shared at each session gave me a deep sense of home and belonging. Often I had experienced the truths she verbalized and her clarity helped me own them more deeply. Or, Sandra would explain connections between mind, emotions and body that changed the way I understood the symptoms I experienced and even their treatment. I came to heal my physical body, but quickly realized how integrated mind-body-spirit is. Although I already had a surface understand of this interconnectedness, it wasn’t until I began practicing consistently with Sandra that I began to have a deep, gut level understanding of how each piece of life, mind, body, spirit and emotion affects the other. Sandra’s teaching of the physical practice tied her words to the body so that I began to find ways of connecting the fatigue, anxiety and depression I experienced back to my neglected body. As I have continued studying with her and maintaining a home practice I have experienced a joyful transformation. For the first time in years I have not taken antibiotics for sinus issues, which does not mean I haven’t been sick–however, through consistent breathwork, yoga practice and a few essential oils I have been able to heal naturally, without adding the strain of processing medication to my body. More exciting even than that, is that especially since attending the Healing Breath workshops that Sandra and John offered this summer, I have begun to notice a huge shift in my energy. I feel more vibrant. I can make plans for after work rather than needing to reserve that time for dragging myself to bed. I have even been able to greatly reduce the amount of TV I watch, because I have the energy and emotional stability to do activities rather than sit passively–and I want to be active! I haven’t felt this kind of joy for life since I was a kid. Instead of dreading each day, I am grateful and excited to see what the day brings. It is the best gift! People in Dallas often say to me, “You go all the way to Weatherford to take yoga? Isn’t there somewhere closer?” And I tell them, “I don’t want to go somewhere closer. I love my teacher and I am willing to make the drive to study with her.”

Katherine Walker

Indra’s Grace: A Yoga & Mediation Studio is a wonderful space to either begin your yoga journey or enhance your yoga journey. No matter where you are on your path, there is something you can learn in every class!  It is a warm and inviting space. It has given me the gift of learning how to quiet my mind both on and off the mat, thru poses, meditation and breath work. I now find myself standing in tree pose when cooking or doing squats when working in the yard. Yoga has made me a much happier person. Thank you Indra’s Grace for such a precious and wonderful gift.

Leslie Pinkston