RYT 300 Advanced Teacher Training 2017

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Our next 300 advanced hour teacher training starts January 2017.  Our 300 program is by application only and for students with a strong desire for a therapeutic approach to teaching Yoga and helping others. Currently our 300 hour program is a small complete immersion and mentor-ship program with Sandra Vanatko in all aspects of Yoga.  Students that complete this program receive a 500 hour certification from Indra’s Grace and are eligible to receive their RYT500 certification through Yoga Alliance.

To learn more about this program please come to one of our two free informationals to decide if this program is right for you. You will receive program outline and application.  Students taking this program will be supported in flowering their passion in yoga. Students applying must have completed a RYT200 program and ideally have at least one year teaching experience although not always necessary.

This program is a complete immersion into all aspects of yoga teaching.  Students in this program will take active leadership roles at Indra’s Grace  and in the 200 hour teacher training program.  Not only are teachers refining their ability to teach students but they are beginning to step into the role of teaching teachers. It is one skill set to practice yoga. It is another skill set to teach Yoga to students. And it’s a completely new skill set to teach other yoga teachers how to teach yoga.  At each level we refine our ability to actively be able to share ourselves and our ability to pass the teachings forward.

Students in this program are required to be actively teaching in community.  Students will also take on a weekly private appointment with someone that has a chronic condition.  Teachers will have the opportunity to work with students that have certain ailments, illnesses, and chronic conditions under the direct supervision of Sandra Vanatko to help support their learning process. Teachers will gain confidence and learn to throw away lesson plans and teach from their knowing, their training, and their unique individual skill set.

You will be invited to expand into the places that challenge you to become a more expanded authentic version of yourself.  Sandra’s goal is to uncover the empowered teacher that you already are!  Join us for a free informational and find out if this program is right for you!

Application Process:

Applications will be reviewed and applicants will go through an interview process.  Please turn in applications by November 20th, 2016 to be considered for this program.


Payment Options:

Pay in Full after November 27, 2016: $3750
$750.00 non-refundable deposit with cash, check, or credit card due by January 8, 2017
Balance of $3000.00 due on/before January 22, 2017

Payment Plan after November 27, 2016: $3950
$750.00 non-refundable deposit due by January 8, 2017
Balance of $3200 paid in 8 monthly auto-payments of $400.00
Auto-Payments processed on the 15th of each month:

In addition all students are granted a free unlimited group class pass to support them being immersed in classes the entire length of training.  We also offer discounted workshop pricing to teachers in training to help them get the most out of the practice.



I am very grateful for all my experiences during my 500 hour training with Sandra Vanatko at Indra’s Grace.  I had the opportunity to work one on one with a student for 10 months addressing her particular issues while Sandra and my fellow students offered suggestions, support, information and encouragement. This one aspect of the course was life changing for me. I recognized the teacher in myself and I hadn’t known she was there!  The structure of the course was unique and especially rewarding. Sandra, John Stockberger and Jenny Reitz were available to the 500 hour students as our mentors. Our 500 hour group was available to the 200 hour students as mentors and in family groups. This situation gave us the opportunity to practice what we were being taught.  We spent a lot of time studying an amazing variety of coursework. And we had many opportunities to teach in our individual areas of interest.  And we had fun!  I highly recommend this course. I loved every minute and was really quite sad when it was over.  –  Nancy Deison

When I began taking yoga classes 6-1/2 years ago being a teacher was the last thing on my mind.  When Sandra offered the 200 hour training I jumped at the opportunity to learn more about yoga.  In the process I discovered that the best way to learn more was to teach.  After teaching for two years I realized that I still had lots to learn and joined the 500 hour class.  This forced me to go outside my comfort zone with a private student for one year.  But what an amazing opportunity this was!  If you want to broaden your knowledge of yoga and yourself, I highly recommend this training.  I still have lots to learn but now know where to turn for help. – Suzanne Rothrock

I began taking yoga classes at Indra’s Grace about 5 years ago and just loved it. A family member was going through extremely challenging emotional issues and I found myself taking on a lot of those emotions.  Yoga became a place for me to learn how to let go of the negative energy that I was taking on, quiet my mind and bring myself back to a balanced state, where I could heal.  I had to learn to take care of myself so I could be of some support for others.
When Sandra offered the 200 hour Teacher Training in 2012 I thought it would be a great chance to immerse myself more into the practice of yoga.  The training was great, so much knowledge, so many A-Ha moments, some pain, sweat and tears.  When the time came to teach for our certification, I thought I would be excused since I wasn’t planning on teaching.  I can still hear Sandra snickering at “My Excuse” and that encouraging look in her eyes when she said, “You got this”.  However, I was petrified, not fair, what did I get myself into.   One night I had a cop show on the TV. I wasn’t paying too much attention to the show because I was having a pity party about this teaching thing. Then I heard one of the cops say “I trusted my training”  Whoa! What?
God answers prayers in mysterious ways!   God spoke through a TV cop to say “You can trust your training”. He was right of course, the training was awesome. “Trust Your Training” became my mantra and is what got me through those teaching sessions.
Soon after I completed the 200 hour training, a yoga teaching position opened up at a local gym and though I didn’t take the training to teach, I decided it would be a good way to continue my immersion by teaching others “what I know”.  I was nervous and excited at the same time. I studied flows, I made stick figures in yoga shapes, bought teaching software, but I never used any of it.  “Trusting My Training” got me through again!
When Sandra offered the 500 hour training last year, I didn’t hesitate to apply, because Sandra’s 200 hour was life changing and it had gotten me through 3 years of teaching.  I trusted the experience would be amazing because that’s just Sandra’s way. But then add in John and Jenny, well no brainer my friends.  I loved working with the 200 hour group and seeing a lot of myself at that stage, in each one and watching them go from “nervous little puppies” to seeing them let go and “trust their training” they blossomed into some of the best teachers around.  The 500 hour group also took on a private session for 10 months with an individual with a somewhat “not so desirable condition”.  I loved connecting with this individual; researching and discovering ways yoga could support them to change the things they no longer needed to endure and to endure the things they could not change.  I am still amazed at how much I learned about myself, in the journey I shared with the private sessions.   Sandra, John and Jenny poured their hearts into the whole group and the “tribe” that developed is remarkable.  Love, respect and support explodes from this group.
Four years ago, when I was where you are, trying to decide if I should invest into a 200 hour immersion program, I met with Sandra so I could give her my list of “what ifs” Sandra was supportive and empathetic and left me with a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,
“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”  
My friends, you’ll be glad you did.  Just take the first step, you can trust this training!!  – Lisa Humphreys