Hello and welcome to Indra’s Grace!  We are a Yoga and Meditation Studio open since January 2010.  We are located in Weatherford, Texas, in the heart of Parker County approximately twenty-five minutes west of Fort Worth.  We are a growing community dedicated to conscious healthy living.

We are a locally owned, registered Yoga Alliance School and healing center.  We specialize in teaching a very therapeutic and healing style of Yoga including breath work for stress reduction, postures for flexibility, strength, balance, stability, meditation for inner peace, focus, self-understanding, mindfulness for awareness, and Yoga Philosophy to understand ourselves better.  Self-Understanding is key to change.   We offer classes for students of all levels and ages as well as a Yoga Alliance certified program for teachers in training.

Indra’s Grace is a center for holistic health and healing.  Our attention if placed on health, well-being, and prevention instead of our modern day medical model which is focused on disease and treatment.  Did you know that Hatha Yoga was first designed thousands of years ago as a preventative physical therapy?  Yogi’s recognized that daily maintenance was needed on the body/mind to feel our best. Just as a car needs oil changes and tire rotation the human body needs “tune ups”, stretching, breathing, and circulation exercises to self-manage and feel its best!   Did you know that Yoga when done regularly can alleviate many chronic aches and pains?  Did you know that breath work when done regularly can be a part of a healthy lifestyle that manages stress levels, anxiety, and even depression?  Breath Work can also boost the immune system, lower blood pressure, improve digestion, and help quiet the mind and emotions so to find inner peace and self-understanding.  Yoga when done regularly helps us feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally which helps us lead more joyful and productive lives.  Yoga is a sacred technology in these times of high stress and tension.  A lifestyle including Yoga helps us to self-regulate and self-manage our moods, our reactions, our perceptions of reality.  Yoga opens us to the Truth of our very own nature.

Are you a beginner?  Relax, we have specific classes designed to help you ease into your new practice.  Classes start with simple movements from the head to toe that strengthen and stretch the entire Neuromuscular Skeletal System.  We specialize in meeting you where you are currently!  We focus on the whole body as one unit and carefully work our way through the entire internal and external system including the Respiratory System, Digestive System, Muscular System, Nervous System, and Skeletal System.  With daily Yoga practice the entire physical body is balanced, which balances the the brain which in turn balances the mind, which leads to vibrant health, well-being, strength, flexibility, vitality, longevity, stress reduction, weight loss,  happiness, and a neutral state of mind.  Yoga is for every body, every age and every level!  We offer both group and private sessions.

We are passionate about teaching Yoga and love sharing Yoga with others.  We provide a caring environment that allows students to develop at their own pace.  With small classes we provide individualized attention and create a peaceful atmosphere conducive to learning and healing.  We look forward to hearing from you.

For more information email us or call (682) 803-0727.  Follow us on facebook.  Subscribe to our E-Newsletter by emailing us.